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Michael Hurst is… The Golden Ass

Michael Hurst is… The Golden Ass

Saturday 30 July 7:30pm Onewhero

OSPA Theatre, Hall Road, Onewhero


Freely adapted from the notorious original by Apuleius, this brand new solo show is the
story of Lucius – a young man driven by sexual desire and insatiable curiosity who is
accidentally transformed into a donkey. Uh-oh!
What follows is a fantastical series of misadventures in a wicked world of witches, bandits,
virgins, cultists, slaves, circuses, soldiers, pastry-cooks, prostitutes and priests.

Marvellously, sidesplittingly ridiculous, The Golden Ass is the original donkey show, inspiring
such literary giants as Shakespeare, Boccaccio, Cervantes, Rabelais and Keats. It remains
today a powerful plea for empathy in a world gone mad.
With music and direction from acclaimed composer John Gibson, and performance by
renowned storyteller Michael Hurst, this modern take on one of the great classics will be a
rollicking ride, well worth the fare.

Rating: Adult themes. Not suitable for children.