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Coming Soon, Beauty and the Bro – Mel Parsons & James Nokise. Click here for more information.

Beauty and the Bro – Mel Parsons & James Nokise

Get ready for a double bill of Music & Comedy.... Join two-time Tui finalist Mel Parsons and comedian James Nokise for an intimate live cabaret style show. New Zealand’s favourite (and only) Samoan/Welsh stand-up comic, James Nokise, the first Pacific Islander to crack the UK stand-up comedy circuit, returns with Soso Gangsta, a hilarious show about New Zealand Gang Culture and the way society responds to it. They will take you on a journey through quiet and heartfelt folk ballads through to rollicking country foot-stompers and high comedy. more»

27 September @ 8pm

Coming Soon, Footrot Flats – The Musical. Click here for more information.

Footrot Flats – The Musical

For those who don’t know, Footrot Flats was a comic strip that was written and drawn by Murray Ball that was published from 1975 to 1994. The strip followed the life of Wal Footrot and his dog (named “Dog”) on their farm. There was an abundance of other human and animal characters that were also central to the strip, and it followed the idiosyncrasies of these individuals, poking fun at our human faults. "Here in the country we all know. How the seasons come and go. When to Harvest when to shear, and when it's time for tucker, time for beer" Enjoy hours of music and laughter Based on the classic comic by Murray Ball. The story involves the claims of town versus country as Cheeky tries to lure Wal away from the farm. The familiar character of Wal, Dog, Cheeky, Aunt Dolly, Horse, Cooch, Prince Charles, Doloroes and others chime in. Dog. "I love lumps of carcass meat. Lady Dogs when the're on heat. Cowpats make me lose control but most of all I love Wal." more»

Performance dates November 14,15,16,20,22,23.