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Coming Soon, The OSPA Challenge. Click here for more information.

The OSPA Challenge

Come along and enjoy, marvel at and applaud our extraordinary locals as they showcase their playwriting, directing and performing skills.  more»

27,28,29 August The Challenge Grand Final's at OSPA

Coming Soon, 2015 Short Film Festival. Click here for more information.

2015 Short Film Festival

This short film competition was created to provide an outlet for film makers in our local area. Now in its fourth year we are excited to announce this year's theme: "Colour". This competition is open to anyone from the age of 10. There are three categories for marking, 10-15 yr olds, 16-19 yr olds and 20+. You can also win a viewer’s choice award or become the overall winner. There are cash prizes to be won. Entry forms can be downloaded from the OSPA website under the heading ‘WHAT’S ON’. Entries close 15 May. Have a go, be creative, don’t put it off, just do it. There is nothing like seeing something you have created on the big screen. more»

Sept/Oct 2015. Exact dates TBA.

Coming Soon, Pantomime. Click here for more information.



November 29,30,31 and December 4 & 5